Best Liposuction liposculpture in the world HDB liposystem* tm. by doctor Salvatore Scandura.

Best Liposuction liposculpture in the world is the HDB liposystem* tm. by doctor Salvatore Scandura.

 With our technology and method we ( me and my team) can perform the best lipomodelling of the body ( liposuction liposculpture body contour ) than ever you can have around the world, with a liposuction/ sculpture.
 The technology is based on a vibrating ultrasound multifrequency cannula in cold modulation.
 This system permit to liquify the fat cells and the cellulite with no heat of the cell,reaching a perfect emulsification of the fat cells.
 The fat becomes liquid as a liquid yoghurt and his extraction is much easier  to perform using very tiny cannula without cutting hole but with only very tiny aspiration lines ( normally from 1 to 3 ) of 1 to 2 mm.
 This way of liquifing and extraction fat will make this technique unique and very low traumatic upon the body tissues. ( till 80% less traumatic then a normally liposuction or of other assisted liposuction systems).
 The extracted fat will be pure and the surgery will be very low traumatic.
 Also will be the possibility to transfer this fat as activated ultrasound fat cell on the buttock –Brazilian butt-or with the nano fat technology in the face,hands,genitals,etc.
 The extraction of the fat will result much more easier than any other system. 
 The amount extract will be from 2 to 4 times more than a normally liposuction sculpture  - aprox.2-4 liters of pure emulsified fat.
 The blood vessel and lymphatic drainage system will be safe because the cold ultrasound doesn't hit them and of tiny suction cannula and low aspiration suction will not damage them.
 Due to the special pulsed low traumatic ultrasound,the fibrotic network that sustain the skin will be saved and it will be released, giving a very strong lifting effect to the skin itself.
 The skin will readapt to the new obtained form of the body without laxity or sagging of the skin ( lifting effect of the HDB Ultrasound ).
 The quality of the JOB  is immediately apparent and appreciable and will improve day by day. 
 More than 4.000 HDB liposuction sculpture body contour  were performed by doctor Scandura Salvatore that also has the trade mark of this technology.
 The HDB liposuction sculpture body contour is a perfect techology in the correct hands fort the best result in liposuction sculpture and body contour.
 The HDB liposuction sculpture body contour is normally used by doctor Scandura Salvatore and his team during abdominoplasty/ tummy tuck to reduce fat and remodelling the areas of the back, hips and the higher part of the abdomen before to perform the abdomen plastics.
 Performing the reshaping and reducing fat of all the areas of the abdomen and around the abdomen will give an incredible and spectacular result.
 The association of the HDB reshaping of the body associated with the stitching and definitively fixing  of the muscles of the abdomen will assure that the abdominal wall will look younger then before. 
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